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Sineton company was established in May 2004 after four years of research and development in the field of advanced electric machines.

Our main research and development effort is focused on the field of synchronous electric machines, especially brushless permanent magnet motors for direct drive applications. The result of many years of development is a novel SDG construction of synchronous multiphase electric machines. Advantages of the SDG construction include higher torque density and improved thermal issues compared to standard constructions.

Our technical staff includes physicists, engineers, chemists and technicians with expertise and experience in electric and automotive industry.

We are located in Maribor, the second biggest town in Slovenia, near Austrian border (map).

Years of research in the field of electric motors resulted in development of proprietary construction of high specific torque motors. We have acquired an internatiaonal patent application for our motor construction.

We are committed to further develop and improve our brushless permanent magnet motor construction and related technologies.
Additional focus will be put on electronic drivers and power converters for direct drive motors.
We'll also continue our research of homopolar motor construction suitable for direct drive of vehicles.